Why CIOs Should Have Customer Service Training for Employees

Should you add customer service skills to your list of required training modules for your IT employees? Is it really necessary when the ever-changing tech landscape requires near-constant skill upgrades already? The truth is, as a CIO, MSP owner, or IT manager,  you can’t afford to skip customer service training for employees in any position. Here’s why it should be a priority. 

The Customer Experience Matters 

Customer experience is the lifeblood of any business. You may offer a world-class product or employ the most tech-savvy team, but if the customer doesn’t get the level of service they expect, they’ll end up frustrated and unsatisfied. With today’s global economy, fierce competition for business, and wide-reaching platforms like social media giving voice to unhappy customers, CIOs have no choice but to ensure their employees provide effective tech solutions and top-notch customer service

Companies that offer a positive customer experience also increase customer loyalty. This means they’ll stick around longer, spend more for your products or services, and recommend your business to others. Customers that don’t have a favorable experience won’t hesitate to move on to a cheaper service provider, a more appealing product, or a company that makes them feel valued. 

And don’t fall for the myth that only “customer service reps” need customer service skills. Every employee interacts with a customer at some point, and that one interaction can make or break a customer’s impression of your company. Invest in customer service training for employees so all team members can provide excellent service and not only resolve customer issues but also leave them with a positive customer interaction.

Customer Service Skills Impact the Company Culture

Customer service skills are essential for business success, but they also positively affect employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and your overall company culture. The soft skills used to provide excellent customer service are directly transferable to building successful relationships with colleagues and supervisors. Things like active listening, good communication skills, demonstrating empathy, and positive conflict resolution are crucial skills that will contribute to a healthy and cohesive team.

Emotional intelligence is another component that is frequently included in customer support training. Just as it helps develop relationships with customers, improving emotional intelligence also helps facilitate positive interactions with coworkers. Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive (and respond to) others’ emotions. People with a high level of emotional intelligence can self-regulate their emotions, navigate conflict successfully, accept feedback appropriately, and communicate effectively with others. These skills are necessary when dealing with an upset customer but come in handy when talking with a frustrated coworker, too.

IT Customer Service Training for Employees

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The online training course will give your team the ability to provide high-quality customer service to complement their rich technical skills. They’ll learn how to get along so they can work together, get things done, and take care of customers. Learn more and enroll your team today!

Next Level IT Customer Service Training

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