Emotional Intelligence Training Improves IT Workplace Dynamics

CIOs, IT managers, and MSP owners, when you want to improve workplace culture and increase employee satisfaction, you may consider strategies like improving workflow, increasing flexibility, boosting pay, or adding benefits. Studies show that one of the most influential factors of employee happiness is positive relationships with coworkers. By offering emotional intelligence training for employees, you can increase your team’s opportunities to develop a stronger and healthier workplace dynamic.

Why Do Workplace Dynamics Matter?

Because people spend a significant amount of their week at work, it stands to reason that it should be an enjoyable environment. Employees remain more engaged throughout the day when they have a strong connection with others or have healthy relationships with coworkers. Unhappy employees don’t stick around for the long haul. They will negatively impact workplace culture. They may even contribute to workplace toxicity.

The Impact of Employee Engagement is Significant

A Gallup study in 2018 found that 63% of women strongly agree they have a best friend at work compared with 29% of women who say they do not have a best friend at work. It pays to help your employees develop better interpersonal skills to improve workplace dynamics.

How Does Emotional Intelligence Training for Employees Help?

While most IT workplaces focus on technical skills, this sort of training creates an environment of true collaboration across the entire team. Emotional intelligence training for employees can improve interpersonal relationships between colleagues and promote healthy relationships between supervisors and subordinates. EQ training helps individuals develop listening skills, self-management skills, and social skills that foster better communication between team members. EQ training also helps build trust. 

When team members have a higher EQ, they can receive negative feedback, respond productively in difficult or stressful situations, and better understand their colleagues’ body language. They display more empathy and communicate more effectively about tasks, projects, and even performance issues. These healthier social skills create stronger relationships between team members and contribute to an emotionally safe and healthy workplace. All of this boosts employees’ job satisfaction and helps foster a healthier company culture.

Finally, an emotional intelligence training program for employees can also improve their personal lives. The EQ skills they learn will help them to navigate social situations more effectively, improve their emotional awareness, and teach them skills to handle negative emotions appropriately. When your employees have a satisfying life outside of work, they’ll find their life inside of work more satisfying, too.

Online Emotional Intelligence Training for Employees

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