The Customer Service Secrets of Successful IT Pros

How to Master IT Customer Service

Online training for IT professionals

The most successful IT people know the importance of combining outstanding technical skills with a mastery of people skills to build a great IT career. Learn the essential people skills in the 8-section course specifically designed for IT people.

Whether you’re an internal IT department serving internal users, a help desk serving paying customers, or an MSP serving paying clients, outstanding customer service is a key part of your success. Teach your team to deliver!

Course Composition

8 sections, 108 lessons, 8 quizzes, 1 final exam, 43 videos including scenarios and lectures.

Course Completion Time

Completion time varies based on the individual, ranging from 3 hours to 8 hours. The course includes numerous external references for further information. Curious individuals who follow the references will, obviously, require more time to complete.

A Great Onboarding Tool!

"Every person who works for me MUST go through Don’s online IT Customer Service training course. I win new business because owners are frustrated with other IT companies who: have proven to be undependable, can’t prevent issues; are slow to resolve problems or even show-up, and who have repeatedly proven that they don’t have the right mix of COMPASSIONATE GEEKS and technology to BETTER their business. While my competitors look cheap on paper their true cost is WAY too expensive."

Drayton Mayers, President
TeamLogic IT East Memphis


Your Instructor:

Don R. Crawley, CSP, DTM

A Tech Guy Who Understands People Skills

Don Crawley is a keynote speaker on IT customer service, teamwork, and compassion and author of the Compassionate Geek. He works with organizations that want their IT and other technical staff to master people skills including customer service and communication. He has written and published eight books for IT pros on subjects ranging from Linux servers and Cisco firewalls to compassion and customer service.

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