Customer Service Secrets of Successful IT Pros

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Customer Service Secrets of Successful IT Professionals: How to Master IT Customer Service

Reduce staff turnover and increase productivity and profits with the Compassionate Geek customer service training program. Our IT customer service training focuses on improving both the customer service experience and the IT team culture of a company. 

Our self-paced training identifies best practices for customer care and provides real-world scenarios that IT professionals experience when they encounter a frustrated customer or teammate.

CIOs, IT managers, and MSP owners: Learn how Compassionate Geek IT customer service training will help you improve the level of service and improve your customer effort score.

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Upon completion of this course, you will earn a certificate that verifies you have completed the training and are knowledgeable in the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service and support. It shows that you understand how to listen effectively to customer and end-user concerns, use emotional intelligence skills to manage difficult customer interactions, and use interpersonal communication skills to build and maintain relationships with customers and coworkers.

Course Structure

This training course is designed to be completed in approximately six hours. Individual learning times can vary greatly. Some learners can complete it in as few as three hours, others may take considerably longer. Training content is listed below.

  • 115 Steps in This Course
  • 10 Sections
  • 9 Quizzes
  • 55 Videos
  • 110 Total minutes of video
  • Completion time: 3 to 6 hours, depending on the learner.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this online technical training for IT professionals you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the five principles of IT customer service
  • Know the 10 techniques to be a better listener
  • Use emotional intelligence (EI) to provide better customer service, improve relationships, and manage your stress
  • Handle customer complaints and angry customers (rude or abusive end-users) for positive results
  • Say no without alienating the other person

Losing customers due to poor customer service is expensive. Losing key employees due to negative experiences is also expensive. The best teams focus on excellent service to customers and care for each other.

Based on the book The Compassionate Geek.

a compassionate geek book


“Every person who works for me MUST go through Don’s online IT Customer Service training course. I win new business because owners are frustrated with other IT companies who: have proven to be undependable, can’t prevent issues; are slow to resolve problems or even show-up, and who have repeatedly proven that they don’t have the right mix of COMPASSIONATE GEEKS and technology to BETTER their business. While my competitors look cheap on paper their true cost is WAY too expensive.”

Drayton Mayers, President
TeamLogic IT East Memphis

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