Great Ideas for Customer Service Training

Complete IT Customer Service Training Hybrid Package

This is a great idea for IT customer service training. It’s perfect because it’s tailored to IT people, it provides a hybrid combination of live and recorded training, and it includes a method for review and reinforcement of the lessons learned. Enroll 10 or more students in Compassionate Geek On-Demand IT Customer Service Training and you’ll qualify for the Complete IT Customer Service Training Hybrid Package, including:

Kickoff Customer Service Keynote

The kickoff keynote is the perfect way to start your team on the training. We schedule the kickoff keynote for a mutually agreeable time/date. It’s a highly interactive live (via Zoom) presentation that runs about 15 minutes, plus time for Q&A at the end. We recommend that as an all-hands presentation, although a recording is available for anyone who cannot attend the live presentation. The kickoff keynote is included as part of the package at no additional charge when you purchase 10 or more seats. It’s normally $2500.

On-Demand IT Customer Service Training

Following the kickoff keynote, your staff is enrolled in our on-demand training. It’s an 8 section course incorporating mini-lectures, actors demonstrating concepts, thought exercises, and interaction with the author via commenting on lessons. The course includes quizzes at the end of each section, plus a final exam at the end. Group enrollment includes a group management console where you can manage your learners and monitor their progress. There is no additional charge for that. It’s included with your group enrollment. You can review the course description and outline at this link.

customer service calls

On-demand delivery is a great idea for customer service training because you don’t have to worry about scheduling and having a large part of your staff off-duty for training.

Customer Service Books for the Enrollees

This package also includes a copy of Don Crawley’s book The Compassionate Geek with each enrollment. We recommend forming a book group after the on-demand training to read through the book and discuss it. It’s a great way to review and reinforce the Compassionate Geek concepts. You’ll find a book group leaders guide at

There is no charge for the books, a value of $25.00 per book, as part of this package.

When it comes to great ideas for IT customer service training, this package is perfect because it combines live and on-demand training. It’s perfect because it’s tailored to IT people. And, it’s perfect because it provides a method for review and reinforcement of the customer service lessons learned.

Enroll Your Team in IT Customer Service Training

When we see your enrollment come in, we’ll be in touch to schedule the keynote and arrange to ship your books.

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