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Online Customer Service Training That Gets Results

Learn how your IT team can create a culture of compassion and caring for your customers and each other. From engineers and technicians to the rest of your staff,  this powerful course will give your team the skills to take your business to new heights.

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Learn the Success Secrets of IT Professionals

Unlock the secrets of successful IT professionals and help your team master customer service. Reduce turnover and improve productivity with this powerful and transformative course.

Multiple Modalities Maintain Learner Interest

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Story-telling and lectures, plus relevant examples, tailored to IT people

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Actors demonstrating concepts so your team can see both good and bad behavior examples

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Students interact with the instructor through commenting on lessons.

Enroll Your Team Now

Enroll your team today. Teach them how to get along so they can work together, get things done, and take care of customers.

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Based on the book
The Compassionate Geek

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What is Compassionate Geek?

Compassionate Geek is both a book and a movement. IT people worldwide are learning the 5 Principles of competence, compassion, empathy, good listening skills, and respect and spreading goodwill worldwide!


"Don and I worked together in my previous company to deliver training for their Enterprise Support organization. Don flew all around the country visiting our offices sharing his wisdom with the team. The CSAT scores soared once the team grasped some core relationship principles. Great to see the transition to a virtual model - our Support Analysts are everywhere!"

Jenna Koontz
Sr Director, Global Support Ex`scalations, Inc.

“I have noticed a marked change in the responsiveness of our IT staff. Some have greatly improved their communication skills, while others have displayed, for the first time, initiative and immediate reactions to internal customers’ requests.”

Julie Quigley
Director of Administration/ Information Technology
Pittsburg Water and Sewer Authority

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