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I.T. Customer Service Mastery Course Online, On-Demand

Build a great I.T. career by combining your tech skills with people skills to build great relationships with your colleagues and end-users and deliver outstanding customer service.

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In Today’sCustomer Driven World, Technical CompetenceIsn’t Enough

  • 1BUILD GREAT RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS AND COLLEAGUESLearn the 5 principles of I.T. customer service success and how you can use them right away to build great relationships with customers, colleagues, and everyone else you deal with.
  • 2BECOME A BETTER LISTENERBeing a good listener is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. When you want to gain the confidence of others, learn how to listen to them!
  • 3BUILD ADVOCATES INSTEAD OF DETRACTORSAdvocates are people who will speak up for you behind your back, especially when you’re not there to defend yourself. They’ll put in good words for you with your bosses. They’ll help you build your career, even when you can’t be there to do it yourself.
  • 4LEARN HOW TO SAY “NO” WITHOUT ALIENATING THE OTHER PERSONSometimes, the answer people need in order to proceed is “no”. It’s not a matter of never saying “no”, but how we finesse it when we have to say no. You’ll discover the critical element to use when you have to say “no” to someone.
  • 5GET YOUR MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD IN WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONAvoid the 12 most common communication barriers when writing, save time, and get your message understood.
  • 6LEARN HOW TO MANAGE THE STRESS OF I.T. CAREERSThe stress isn’t actually the problem. The problem is that most people don’t manage stress effectively. Stress is inevitable in life. Successful people know how to manage it. In this course, there’s one entire module devoted to stress management for I.T. pros.


Learn Critical People Skills for Successful I.T. Careers in the I.T. Customer Service Mastery Course

8 Sections with 106 units that will ​help you get new skills, new attitudes, and new ideas.

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Learn the 5 Principles

Section 1: 22 units

Learn the 5 Principles of I.T. Customer Service Success, how to overcome roadblocks, and tools for success.

emotional intelligence training

Practical Emotional Intelligence

Section 2: 17 units

Learn how to understand emotions in yourself and others and how to deal with them appropriately.

difficult customer

What to do When the Customer Isn’t Right

Section 3: 16 units

Customers are not always right, so you need to learn how to deal with their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

how to be a good listener

The Art of Listening Well

Section 4: 5 units

In this section, you’ll learn how to avoid one of the most common complaints about people not listening well.

i.t. customer service

Making Sure They Know You Care

Section 5: 13 units

I.T. people generally do care about their customers and colleagues, but we don’t always show it. In this section, you’ll learn how to show you care.

how to say no

How to Say “No” Without Alienating the Other Person

Section 7: 10 units

Sometimes, it’s necessary to say “no” to a customer or colleague. Learn how to say “no” without alienating the other person.

it customer service

Communicating Through Email, Texting, and Chat

Section 6: 8 units

In business today, it’s not just verbal communication that matters. You must also ensure your written communication skills are top-notch.

stress management

Stress Management for I.T. Professionals

Section 8: 16 units

Stress is fact of life, especially in the high-pressure world of I.T. In this section, you’ll gain practical tips for managing the inevitable stress that goes with a career in I.T.

About the Author

Meet Don Crawley, Author of The Compassionate Geek

If you were to ask Don, he would say he has always been a “pretty geeky guy”. He once told the staff a story about when he was 12, he did an electronics experiment and set his bedroom on fire! He has worked on everything from model railroads to tracking telescopes to automation systems, Linux servers, and Cisco firewalls.

Besides being an international professional speaker, Don has over 19 years experience as a technical trainer and has written 8 books including soft-skills books on people skills for IT people, such as “The Compassionate Geek” as well as several popular technical books on Cisco and Linux products.

Don is an entrepreneur who understands that his business’s survival is dependent upon great customer service.

He is all about being a master of technology combined with knowing how to understand, get along with, and influence people.

“Our jobs, in I.T., are not about technology. They’re about helping other people live their lives more productively, efficiently and creatively.” —Don Crawley

P.S. He also loves dogs, especially his hound dog Sam.

Gain the Skills You Need to Deal Effectively With the People in Your Workplace

8 sections, 106 units combining reading, videos, and quizzes


Course includes downloadable PDF, plus many links to external resources.


Limited offer. Save $50 when you enroll using the code SEP2018.



What People Are Saying About Compassionate Geek People Skills Training Programs…


IT Professionals Fully Engaged

“I highly recommend Don’s customer service training.”

KEVIN CARR, CIO, Denton County, TX



“Really helped focus our IT team on service delivery by providing tools, concepts, and stories.”

MICHAEL P. RICHARDSON (American Superconductor)



“A very effective advocate for treating end users with the respect and care we all deserve.”


Is This Course Right For You?

This course isn’t for everybody. Is it right for you?

Who is this for

  • check-circle-oYou are committed to self-improvement
  • check-circle-oYou understand that successful I.T. careers are built by combining tech skills with people skills
  • check-circle-oYou’re willing to keep an open mind and try new or different ways of dealing with people
  • check-circle-oYou accept responsibility for your actions and how they affect other people

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-oYou don’t care about self-improvement
  • times-circle-oYou think tech skills should be enough to have a successful career
  • times-circle-oYou don’t care what others think
  • times-circle-oYou think most end-users are clueless and you can’t do anything about it. (Actually, if you really believe this, you really need this course!)

Improve Your Customer Service Skills or Get Your Money Back

If you’re not happy with the content of this course and you don’t feel it helped you improve your human relations skills, just let us know and we’ll refund your money.


Bonus Section, Included with Your Enrollment!

Not only do you gain powerful insights and perspectives through Compassionate Geek online training, you also get three valuable bonuses, just for signing up!


Private Facebook Group

Receive an invitation to our private, by-invitation-only Facebook group. Discuss work issues, share ideas, see new videos and blog posts, and even win prizes.


Free E-Book

You get a free PDF copy of Don’s E-Book The 5 Principles of IT Customer Success with your registration.

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Free Compassionate Geek Posters

You also get a set of five PDF posters to print and display in your office with reminders about the core principles of Compassionate Geek training.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to complete the training?

The training is a combination of watching videos and reading, and each section contains a different amount of content, so it’s difficult to say exactly how long it will take. Depending on the individual, the entire training can be completed in 3 to 4 hours. People who are thoughtful and curious will take longer, especially if they follow the links within each unit for more information.

What happens next?

When you enroll and pay for the training, you’ll receive an email with instructions. Individual learners will have immediate access to the training. When you purchase multiple enrollments, you’ll receive an email within 1 business day with instructions, including a special access code, for your learners to use to access the content.

How long do I have access to the course?

At this time, the training is available indefinitely, so yes, you will be able to return to it a year later. At no time will it be available for less than 3 years from the time of purchase.

Is there a mobile app?

Our training platform (TalentLMS) includes a mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone, so you can take the training with you, even when you’re offline. You can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store or download it here for your smart phone.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

You can email us at info@doncrawley.com or call us at 1-206-988-5858 with any questions.

How can I get a refund?

Send an email to info@doncrawley.com and ask for a refund. We’d like to know why you want a refund, but we don’t require you to say.

Why should I buy this course instead of one of your competitor’s?

This course was written and produced by Don Crawley, a long-time I.T. author, speaker, and trainer. He wrote it from the perspective of someone who knows and understands I.T. culture. It was designed from the ground up for I.T. people.

Do I get a certificate when I complete the course?

When you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, which is good for three years. You can download your certificate and store it on your computer or a flash drive. You can also print it to show to your employer as proof of your commitment to self-improvement.

One last thing…

We really want you to be successful in your career and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life. We’ve prepared this course with that in mind. We want to know what you think. You can contact us at info@doncrawley.com or by phone at 1-206-988-5858.

Don’t be Left Behind: Get the I.T. Customer Service Mastery Course Today!

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