IT Customer Service Training Tips: How to Deliver Client Satisfaction

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Customer service training is all about delivering client satisfaction, whether you’re an MSP, a corporate IT department, a school district, or any other IT business. So, here are 10 keys to delivering client satisfaction through customer service training.

Number 1: Quality. Customer satisfaction starts with quality. Your products and services must be well-made and easy to work with. Check them frequently yourself to discover any problems before your customers. Customer service training must stress quality.

Number 2: Make it frictionless. Are there any barriers to doing business with you? Would your customers say it’s easy to do business with you? How do you compare to your competitors for ease of use?

Number 3: Respond quickly. Do you answer phone calls promptly? How about replying to emails? Does a form submission get a prompt response? Customer service training must teach the importance of quick responses.

Number 4: Be on time. Do you find yourself frequently apologizing for being late? If so, you’re making excuses. Start earlier. Build a cushion into production schedules to allow for unexpected delays.

Number 5: Be transparent. Does your About Us page on your website provide useful information for your customers about what to expect when doing business with you? Or, is it just some PR fluff that uses a lot of words to say little? Read your About Us page like a first-time visitor.

Number 6: Offer multiple channels of communication. Some people prefer phone calls, others hate them. Some like chat, others avoid it. Some people are comfortable with texting, others prefer email. Some people like to use social media, others want to use a Slack channel. Meet your customers where they are. Use multiple channels of communication so your customers can communicate with you the way they want to.

Number 7: Own and fix your mistakes. I had a boss who said, “When you make a mistake, it’s an opportunity to win or lose a customer for life, based on how you handle it.” He was right. This idea is a critical part of Compassionate Geek IT customer service training. Everyone makes mistakes. When you make a mistake, own up to it and make it right. Don’t try to hide it or make excuses. Apologize and make it right. That’s your best chance at keeping your customer. If you do it really well, you’ll probably make the relationship even stronger for the future.

Number 8: Test your systems. Call your office and go through your phone tree to experience it the way your customers do. How is the call quality? How long does it take to get an answer? How difficult is it to reach a real person? Try using your website as a first-time visitor. How would you feel about the experience? How easy is it to find contact information? What about pricing information? Product information? Warranty details? What does your front office look like for a visitor? Does it look professional? Is it neat and well-organized? Are your people friendly professionals? Do they look and act like someone you would trust? What about your social media presence? As with your website, is it easy to use? Is it easy to find the kind of information a customer is likely to look for?

Number 9: Model customer-centric behavior for your team. Remember, people don’t do what you say, they do what you do. You must model the behavior you want from your team. Show them, by your behavior, how to treat customers, how to treat each other, and even how to treat themselves. If you want your team to take customer service seriously, you’ve got to show them how to do it. If you want them to treat each other with dignity and respect, you’ve got to show them how to do it. If you want them to pursue education and training, you must pursue your own education and training.

Number 10: Collect customer feedback. Use tools like Survey Monkey to gather quantitative data about your customers through surveys. Use phone calls, in-person visits, and focus groups to gain qualitative data about how your customers feel about you. When John Ingram took over the Rock Island Railroad, one of his first moves was to visit shippers to learn about their relationship with the railroad. Sometimes, you won’t like what you hear, but you need to hear it anyway. Listen to your customers, then develop customer service training to address their concerns.

Training That Delivers Client Satisfaction

Jeff Bezos was clear about his objective for Amazon: “Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.” Whether you love Amazon or hate them, there is no ambiguity about their goal. Shouldn’t your goal be the same, even if you’re a small MSP or even a one-person break/fix shop? Why wouldn’t you strive to be the most customer-centric company on Earth? Why wouldn’t you teach that in your customer service training?

Next Level Customer Service Training

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